Rum for Sale

Rum for Sale can be seen

May 7 2:30

May 7 8:00

May 9 8:00

Signature Theatre Ford Studio 42nd street NYC

For tickets email to

Inspired by a selection of Chris Ofili’s paintings, Rum for Sale follows Max Tate, and his wife, Nikki, to Port of Spain, Trinidad. Max believes he is to take over The Lime Bar and Sugar Plantation his grandfather left him. But oopsie-daisy, the property was actually left to the other grandson Aufidius Tate. So there was some sloppy record keeping and of course, neither Tate is willing to give up easily. Where rum is involved, yes, there are often battle lines to draw, heartbreak and despair but oh it’s nothing but sweet paradise going down.


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Night Of Power The Play Jan 30th- Feb 1st 2014

Well It’s happening and we need your help. I will be using Night of Power as my second year show at Columbia. It’s ready to be on “it’s feet” so to say. So save the date, Say a prayer, wish us luck and/or donate a few dollars, or one hundred. Be there in the room, make a comment etc. This will be exciting work to check out in it’s beginning phases. You tell me where you’ve seen African-American Muslims tackle the issue of being homosexuality on stage…
Night of Power Indiegogo

More details later… Stay Tuned!

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This is what final papers feels like

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Dear Chicago, I miss you so much!

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